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Shop with Scrip Fundraiser
Katie Dittami

Despite so many changes to our regular events and activities this school year, we are still looking for creative ways to keep kids happy and engaged in our HMS community - and we need your help! 

We are excited to announce a brand new fundraiser that we think most families will appreciate. We have partnered with Shop with Scrip, a company that offers gift cards for stores we all shop at for brands we know and trust: CVS, Target, Amazon, The Gap, Kohls and hundreds of others. 

Here's how it works:

  • For every gift card you purchase, HMS receives a percentage of that sale. Different brands earn us a different "commission" - browse through the hundreds of merchants to see who give us a little more and help us earn more money.  For example, a $100 gift card purchased from Chipotle earns HMS $10.  A $100 gift card purchased from Starbucks earns us $7. Please see this list of participating retailers for more information.

  • Gift cards can be purchased as e-cards or as physical cards, both of which can be easily refilled once purchased.

  • Physical gift cards can be ordered anytime and  will be delivered every two weeks and will be distributed to your child at school (or picked up after school for those students who are remote).  E-gift cards are delivered directly to you upon purchase.

  • Purchases can be made anytime and all year long! 

Here is how to get started:

  • The HMS enrollment code is 92B34DF366823

Dismissal Form
Katie Dittami

If you need to dismiss your student, please use our dismissal form. You do not need to fill out dismissal form if you are picking up your child at regular dismissal time as long as they are aware of the change.

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