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Ferris Wheel made of Legos
Ashoke Ghosh

Lego Contest Grades PreK - 8


Who: Hopkinton LEGO fans currently in grades PreK - 8 (2019-2020 school year)



When: Final LEGO creations submitted by 12 noon July 10th 2020

Where: Online (Link provided to those registered)

Cost: $5 minimum donation per child (by check) to benefit HHS BPA + Robotics Clubs


Linda Henderson
New Traffic Pattern Hopkinton High School
Superintendent's Office

New Traffic Pattern for Drop Off and Pick Up at Hopkinton High School

This letter conveys important information about the NEW TRAFFIC PATTERNS FOR DROP OFF AND PICK UP AT HOPKINTON HIGH SCHOOL and, to a lesser degree, Hopkinton Middle School. It is critical that you read this letter carefully and that traffic patterns are followed every day by every driver. Because we have four schools, attended by 3,000 students and 500 faculty, lining a quarter-mile stretch of country road, we are asking that you arrive early, drive with caution, execute patience, and leave plenty of time.

Letter from Superintendent

New Traffic Patterns

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