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Welcome to HMS

Dear Students and Parents:

To those of you new to Hopkinton Middle School, welcome, and to those returning, welcome back. As a school district, our mission is to Learn, Create, and Achieve Together. This applies to all members of our school community: students, staff members, school leaders, and parents. It is important, because we believe that, as a school community, all of us are responsible for the learning, creating, and achieving and we understand that this is optimized when we do so together. 

As a middle school, we apply this mission to our own unique learning community: inspiring students in a lifelong adventure of learning by providing a safe, dynamic and rigorous learning environment that is engaging and enjoyable. We empower students to become active, caring citizens in a multicultural society in an increasingly interdependent world.

Throughout my time as a middle grades educator, I have regularly heard from friends, acquaintances and others, “How could you possibly choose to be in a middle school?” or, “When are you going to apply for a ‘promotion’ to the high school?” What many fail to recognize is that most of us have dedicated our lives to working with young adolescents in this exciting, trying, and crucial stage. These ages represent a remarkable period of intellectual, physical, emotional, and social development and we steadfastly believe young adolescents deserve a safe, respectful environment in which they can grow and flourish. We look to make a difference in our students’ lives. In support of This We Believe, the position paper of the Association of Middle Level Education, Hopkinton Middle School is committed to providing engaging, relevant and exploratory curricula; the structures that support meaningful relationships and learning, and staff that value working with this age group. 

We look forward to working with you and developing our vision for a great middle school where we Learn, Create, and Achieve Together.


Mr. Alan M. Keller


Alan Keller

MS Principal

Alan holds a Master of Arts in Teaching from the University of Pittsburgh, as well as a Certificate of Advanced Graduate Study, Educational Leadership, Assistant Principal/Principal, from the University of Massachusetts at Boston.  His undergraduate work was in Journalism, completed at West Virginia University.

He is currently the Principal of Hopkinton Middle School and was previously the Director of Secondary Education for the Hopkinton Public Schools (2009-2011), where he previously served as the Director of Humanities (2007-2009).

He has previously served as the Assistant Principal at John J. Ahern Middle School in Foxborough (2006-2007), and began his career as an English Teacher in the Foxborough public school district (2001-2006).