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Grade 6

grade 6 students

Dear Parents of Incoming Grade 6 Students:

We are delighted to welcome you to Hopkinton Middle School.  Our community works hard everyday to challenge our students, motivate them to excellence, inspire their curiosity, and have fun while doing each.  

Students will be assigned to an academic team and will rotate through rich Related Arts offerings. In addition to the regular school day, we are extremely proud of our diverse extracurricular offerings--with over fifteen new additions in the past five years.  Our school offers a myriad of ways to get involved, to connect with others, to develop and practice leadership skills, and to have fun.

Our staff is passionate about our students’ knowledge, understanding, and application and is committed to ensuring student learning at high levels.  We have a tremendous support system in place to assure that each student will find success here at HMS.

Your children will learn from a devoted staff who have great expertise in adolescent development as well as their subject matter who are eager to begin working with you and your child.

Again, welcome to Hopkinton Middle School.  We look forward to meeting each new sixth-grader and delight in being a part of their lives.


Alan Keller, Principal


Blue Team

Blue Team 

Susan Fraser - Math

Andrea Richards - English

Lauren McDonough - English

Inpakala Pandian - Science

Elizabeth Economo - Social Studies

Tamara Pransky - Learning Specialist

Christine Brown - Guidance Counselor

Team Site

Yellow Team

Yellow Team   

Our homepage includes daily and long term homework, assessment dates, and other important information.  Students are expected to write down all of the homework assignments in their agendas and can check the site nightly.  Homework is an opportunity for students to independently practice skills and concepts, as well as develop ownership and responsibility.  At times they may require assistance, and we encourage them to seek out parents and peers for clarification.  

Math: Mr. Paquette (Team Leader)

ELA: Mrs. Broberg

Science: Mrs. McDeed

Social Studies: Mr. Siedlecki 

Learning Specialist: Mrs. Mazur

Team Site

Red Team

Red Team


EXTRA HELP DAYS:  TUESDAY - Science and Social Studies, WEDNESDAY - Math and Ms. Kennally THURSDAY -ELA

Red Team Website

Related Arts

Related Arts:

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Please find Related Arts websites and write-ups under the Academics menu