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Grade 7

grade 6 students

Dear Grade 6 Students and Parents (Incoming Grade 7):

 Our students and staff work very hard to ensure a successful transition to our Middle School in grade 6.  There are several ways in which we ease that transition: Student Step Up Day and Parent Orientation, IGNITE Student Orientation, and IGNITE events throughout the year, including the ever-spirited Homeroom Challenge.  We strive to develop and provide a variety of ongoing opportunities for students to learn about and become active and engaged members of our school community.  

The classroom experience is also an area in which we concentrate transition efforts.  As you likely know, teachers at the Middle School are subject specialists, and students travel to each teacher’s classroom; teachers and their students are part of a team--a core tenet of ‘who we are.’  As a Middle School, we believe, and research supports our teaming model which serves as a foundation for a strong learning community characterized by a sense of family.  Teams provide an environment that has been shown to demonstrate improved student achievement, enhanced school climate, increased parent engagement and positive student attitudes (This We BelieveAssociation for Middle Level Education).  One way we that we help our grade 6 students acclimate to teaming and changing classes is by having them travel together as a homeroom to each academic class.

As we release responsibility to our students throughout their middle grades experience, we remove this structure in grade 7 as students no longer travel by homeroom to each of their classes.  Instead, students have classes with peers from their team and are not limited to members of their homeroom.   

There are two other major changes that students encounter in grade 7 for the first time in the form of curricular changes in grade 7, in particular our pathways in mathematics and foreign language.  Both of these are detailed in the resources found within as part of this “Incoming Grade 7” Parent page.

As always, should you have any questions, please feel free to contact me.  Thank you for your time and support of Hopkinton Middle School.

Alan M. Keller